I decided to join highpay-pool.com team
That is fork of hivepool, but it maintained and developed by a group of people
I'm going to suspend hivepool from 1st of june 2019



Code from image above:

Disclaimer: this page embeds third-party script (coinimp), use it on your own risk.

Mine any supported coin online in the browser. Convert them into any another currency.

Actual exchange rate from coingecko is used. Fee depends on the coin. You can withdraw any amount above payout fee. Withdraw takes up to 24 hours.

If you want to add your favourite coin here, please contact sau412@gmail.com

Supported coins

Fee depends on the coin

CurrencySymbolBTC per coinPayout fee
BananoBAN0.00000019 BTCNo fee
BitcoinBTC1.00000000 BTC0.00005000 BTC
BurstBURST0.00000051 BTCNo fee
DogecoinDOGE0.00000035 BTCNo fee
GridcoinGRC0.00000064 BTCNo fee
LitecoinLTC0.01505823 BTCNo fee
MoneroXMR0.01080932 BTCNo fee

You can request your own coin after login.

Opensource browser mining pool (github link) by Vladimir Tsarev, my nickname is sau412 on telegram, twitter, facebook, gmail, github, vk.