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Disclaimer: this page embeds third-party script (coinimp), use it on your own risk.

Mine any supported coin online in the browser. Convert them into any another currency.

Actual exchange rate from coingecko is used. Fee depends on the coin. You can withdraw any amount above payout fee. Withdraw takes up to 24 hours.

If you want to add your favourite coin here, please contact sau412@gmail.com

Supported coins

Fee depends on the coin

CurrencySymbolBTC per coinPayout fee
BananoBAN0.00000030 BTC0.01000000 BAN
BeanCashBEAN0.00000023 BTCNo fee
BiblePayBBP5.914559 satoshiNo fee
BitcoinBTC1.00000000 BTC0.00005000 BTC
BitcoreBTX0.00007790 BTC0.10000000 BTX
BurstBURST0.00000097 BTC0.01000000 BURST
ByteBallGBYTE0.00981136 BTC0.00000100 GBYTE
BytecoinBCN0.00000019 BTC1.00000000 BCN
CallistoCLO0.00000089 BTCNo fee
CardanoADA0.00001528 BTC0.20000000 ADA
DeepOnionONION0.00006967 BTCNo fee
DigiByteDGB0.00000308 BTC0.10000000 DGB
Distributed Credit ChainDCC0.00000032 BTC20.00000000 DCC
DogecoinDOGE0.00000052 BTC0.50000000 DOGE
ElectroneumETN0.00000151 BTC0.01000000 ETN
EthereumETH0.03389195 BTC0.00002100 ETH
Ethereum ClassicETC0.00116820 BTC0.00002100 ETC
ExpanseEXP0.00002855 BTCNo fee
FriendshipCoinFSC2.000000 satoshiNo fee
GameCreditsGAME0.00002399 BTCNo fee
GarlicoinGRLC0.00000068 BTC0.01000000 GRLC
GasGAS0.00067590 BTCNo fee
GridcoinGRC0.00000119 BTC0.00010000 GRC
HorizenZEN0.00156961 BTCNo fee
JSEcoinJSE0.00000016 BTC31.00000000 JSE
LindaLINDA8.041833 satoshiNo fee
LinxLINX0.00000065 BTCNo fee
LitecoinLTC0.01476601 BTC0.00010000 LTC
MagiXMG0.00000406 BTCNo fee
MinexCoinMNX0.00005307 BTC0.00100000 MNX
MoneroXMR0.01293656 BTC0.00005000 XMR
MoonCoinMOON0.265090 satoshiNo fee
MyriadXMY0.00000031 BTCNo fee
NanoNANO0.00023804 BTC0.00010000 NANO
PACCoinPAC0.00000020 BTC10.00000000 PAC
PhorePHR0.00004407 BTCNo fee
PinkCoinPINK0.00000043 BTC0.00010000 PINK
ReddcoinRDD0.00000032 BTC0.01000000 RDD
RippleXRP0.00007613 BTC0.00001200 XRP
SproutsSPRTS0.000884 satoshiNo fee
StakeShareSSX0.00000483 BTCNo fee
SteemSTEEM0.00010869 BTCNo fee
Steem DollarsSBD0.00025276 BTCNo fee
StellarXLM0.00002559 BTC0.00001000 XLM
StrongHandsSHND0.002663 satoshiNo fee
StrongHands MasternodeSHMN0.00005600 BTCNo fee
TelcoinTEL0.00000015 BTCNo fee
TokesTKS0.00008081 BTCNo fee
TronTRX0.00000563 BTCNo fee
VeChainVET0.00000137 BTC3.00000000 VET
VergeXVG0.00000167 BTCNo fee
VeThor TokenVTHO0.00000021 BTC60.00000000 VTHO
VitaeVITAE0.00011221 BTCNo fee
WebchainWEB0.00000035 BTCNo fee
WowneroWOW0.00000199 BTC2.00000000 WOW

You can request your own coin after login.

Opensource browser mining pool (github link) by Vladimir Tsarev, my nickname is sau412 on telegram, twitter, facebook, gmail, github, vk.